I have been watching Modern Family for as long as I can remember. Season 11 episode 17/18, the final episode of the final season aired last week. It is truly the end of an era. This review is going to be pretty short (and sweet).

It is the kind of show you watch while you are doing something else. It’s a great show to watch with your family or friends during dinner time, after a long day of work. It’s funny and lighthearted. You don’t have to pay close attention to every single second of every episode.

From someone who has watched the show pretty much every week since season 1, I can tell you it’s great to see characters naturally grow instead of having a crazy time skip. I should tell you that, the reason I managed to watch this every week is because unlike other shows I didn’t have to set aside time to understand everything closely. I just turned it on went on with whatever I was doing. It was great thing to watch while I was cooking.

Final Thought –

There aren’t many sitcoms recognized as well as modern family. So, I am sure many of you have watched it. To be honest, there were times when the writing felt a bit lazy but personally I didn’t care too much about it. For those of you who haven’t seen it, right now might be a good time to start. If you end up quitting, that’s fine too. You won’t miss much and you can always come back to it since it isn’t that intense of a show.

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