Season 2 had an amazing ending. I’ll take as much as I can get from a great show but I would rather have it end on a highnote than drag on for multiple seasons without a good story to tell. I was definitely quite skeptical about season 3. I am sure a few of you were in the same boat as I was (or are).

Let me help you throw that skepticism out the window. Season 3 went beyond my expectations. Dracula’s death implied that we need a new antagonist for the story to go on. The vampire empresses (which included Carmilla from last season) and Isaac were pretty good replacements. Their story arc and motivations were very well developed.

This season chose to separate all the important characters to give them their own story arcs and help them evolve into better characters. There are 4 different storylines (Trevor and Sypha, Alucard, Isaac and finally Vampire Empresses) and there is 0 overlap between them. This is probably the best part about the season, not only from a story standpoint but visually too. We got to experience amazing art. We get to see snow, desert, castles, villages, ruins and Sypha roleplaying as the ‘Avatar’. So many different settings and fight scene shows us that a lot of hard work went into creating these visual effects. You can tell Netflix went all out this season. I think they took a lot of inspiration from ‘Love, Death and Robots’. This season, compared to its predecessors had a lot more violence, sexuality, darkness and gore too. It’s nice to know that writers and artists have a lot of creative freedom now.

Moving onto the plot – This season didn’t necessarily have an overarching story. I believe it was designed mainly to set up the plot and the theme for the next one or two seasons. There are a lot of minor plots that establish the kind of world our characters are living in. (Spoilers ahead; skip to next para) Sypha learns that monsters don’t only come from the depths of hell. People can be just as terrifying. Alucard and Hector learn what betrayal feels like first hand. Isaac moves in and out of having faith in humans. Now that I say all this out loud (pardon my figure of speech), I finally realized how dark this show is about to get (which I am super excited for btw).

Final Thoughts –

I loved everything season 3 had to offer. Visually it was a masterpiece. The voice acting and character development all stood out in their own regard. Season 3 might feel slow at times but thats only because it is laying down the groundwork for an awesome war next season. Except for this one tiny thing, the season was flawless and somehow managed to keep me hooked all the way through. I can wait for season 4 to arrive.

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